Disclaimer - Terms of use

Rules on gender equality

All terms used on the website in the masculine grammatical gender include and refer to both masculine and feminine genders.

Exclusion of liability

“Life – citizens’ association for the fight against rare diseases in children” (association) formed a special database of rare diseases. The database of rare diseases is a source of information for doctors, patients and their family members. All information is informative and does not constitute medical advice or prescribing therapy. For medical advice, diagnosis and prescription of therapies, you should consult a doctor.

The association is not responsible for the occurrence of any type of damage to the user or another person resulting from the use of the information found on this website. Also, the association will not be held responsible for damage, loss and costs incurred during the use or impossibility of using the website, as well as errors and omissions in the content.

In all cases, the association is not responsible for links and references that it does not manage, which are posted on this website. In addition to this exclusion of responsibility, the association points out that it will not be responsible if your computer and software equipment, as well as your data, become infected with a virus through the use of this website.

The association is not responsible for the content of electronic communication on the website (forum). The content contained in electronic messages and communication on the website (forum) represents the views of the authors of the electronic messages and they are the only ones responsible.

The association reserves the right to modify, replace or delete any content, as well as to stop the distribution of the website based on its assessment. Also, selective or complete restriction of access to the forum to a certain user at its own discretion is the right of the association.

Rights of the association to change the terms of use

The association has the right to change, amend and supplement the terms of use without notifying the user. In the event of a change in the conditions of use, the association is not responsible for the consequences resulting from the change.

After the change, the association will consider that the user is familiar with the changed content of the terms of use after accessing the review/use of the website.

Usage prohibitions

Registration on the website is not allowed for persons under the age of 18.

No type of content placement and participation in communication via the website may be used to collect individual aid for those suffering from rare diseases or any other disease.

Advertising and promotion of goods and services is not allowed on the website.

The users of the website are not allowed to change, duplicate, distribute and publish, nor use in any way the contents of the website without the prior written approval of the association.

Prohibition of inappropriate behavior

All users are prohibited from publishing, sending and sharing offensive, vulgar, threatening, racist, chauvinistic and any other discriminatory words, as well as expressing hatred and calling for the endangerment of a certain group of people based on their personal characteristics.

Any publication, sending and exchange of information that the user knows to be false is prohibited, especially if these actions were aimed at harming other persons.

Users must not impersonate themselves and use the name and surname of other persons.

Messages containing personal data of forum users or any other persons may not be published, nor may the identity of forum users be revealed.

It is not allowed to publish content that would lead to disturbing other users.

The association's right to report abuse

The association has the right to report any misuse of the website to the competent authorities.